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What is WebPod?

WebPod is a stand-alone device that supports a variety of software functions. These include; website and video saving, documents management, GPS function, a comprehensive AI interface frontend, and messaging - plus a powerful search module.

The base WebPod has installed; Apache web server, MySQL DB, PHP language, and Node JS.

It is built around a powerful Raspberry Pi computer running Debian Linux with a versatile peripheral PCB to interface with various hardware and OS functions.

PocketWebs provides custom made cases, peripheral modules, and an array of compatible components for building WebPods. 

How do you build a WebPod?

Start with a choice of convenient designed enclosures that make it easy to assemble a unit. Add a Raspberry single board computer and a startup SSD from Pocketwebs. A comprehensive peripheral board can be added that interfaces to hardware functions. Depending upon the model, other components can be added. These components are available from Pocketwebs. The following shows more details:

The cases for the WebPod basic models are 3D printed that makes assembly easy. There 2 models: The WebPod Lite, and the WebPod Max. The Lite is intended for use in an indoor office environment and is powered by an AC source only. The Max is a rugged sealed unit that is intended to be used in hostile environments.  It is powered by an external AC power supply, an internal rechargeable battery, and a built-in solar cell for recharging.


WebPod is environmentally sealed, waterproof, and rugged – with a high-capacity internal battery and built-in solar cell for charging.

Solar cell

How is it used?

  • Store needed websites and documents
  • Save important notes and numbers
  • Save videos

In an emergency event grab your WebPod!

Disaster scene

How to access?

Simply access WebPod with your phone, tablet, or laptop via a WiFi connection. The interface is the familiar web page.

To see all the nuts and bolts, dig into the online tutorial found here ->

WebPod is our flagship product. It has been in development for 1 and 1/2 years and is now being offered to early adopters. Check what this program is here.

For questions please contact us at

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