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If you wound up at this page you may have clicked on this ad:


So, what's the deal?

The Pocket Webs team has spent the last year and a half developing what we believe is an incredible breakthrough idea. It is now being shipped. To kick off the product introduction we decided to make this special offer.

Here is the deal - for the first 50 customers, Pocket Webs will:

    • provide the annual support service and waive the $39 annual charge for the first year,
    • monitor the unit functionality and communicate to you any potential issues,
    • provide free hardware updates in case of hardware failures or design improvements,
    • priority attention to any and all issues encountered.
    • give a $20 discount coupon for each WebPod purchase (coupon code: first50)

In other words, the first 50 customers will have a special support arrangement with us - with Pocket Webs obtaining good feedback from real users in real applications. Here is what you agree to do:

    • familiarize yourself with the WebPod and its capabilities so as to have an active use in mind,
    • connect to the internet periodically so that we can check on the WebPod health and update any necessary software,
    • register your WebPod here at Pocket Webs with valid contact information,
    • provide feedback on any issues you may have (we will have a trouble ticket form online)
    • notify us if the WebPod is transferred to a new owner,
    • to not disturb the structural integrity of the unit (the WebPod is a sealed unit with no provision for owner or field repairs. If this is attempted, serious damage may result, the warranty becomes void, and the conditions in this arrangement become null).

If you feel that you have a need for a WebPod (you do, you know), and you are OK with these conditions, then hustle on over to here and get this never to be repeated deal underway!

Even though we are shipping Webods now, there is a supply chain shortage. To make sure you can get an order reserved for the First50 deal go directly to here.


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