We have launched!

After almost 2 years of development and testing, the first WebPods have been delivered. These are our standard army green over black case, an all-black matte case, and a full matte red. These color schemes fit various markets. For instance, the army green over black fits the outdoors look, the all black for inside use, and the red for emergency/disaster relief users. All these models have the same WebPod operational features. As we gradually ramp up production quantities, we have created an introductory offering that, if you feel the WebPod is for you, you shouldn't pass up. Check it out at pocketwebs.net/first50

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Welcome to Pocket Webs!

Welcome to Pocket Webs, home to the upcoming WebPod portable web product. This website is in an embryonic state at this time, as we are synchronizing the website services with the WebPod devlopment. That is why, even though there are some menu choices present, they will not be active until the WebPod owners may use them. We will be posting more on the progress on both fronts here, so check back periodically.

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