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The newest offering in the WebPod product series is the AI HUB.

What is the AI HUB? It is a standalone appliance that provides users with a simple and consistent means to access a multitude of AI services. These range from simple chat functions (questions, informational research, etc.), prompt derived graphics generation, speech-to-text, music generation and specialized business documents.

The Model

The HUB was designed to fill in a number of use models. These are as follows:

    • Individual use - AI HUB purchase and subscription to a variety of AI services,
    • Placement of a HUB in a public facing business with users being customers,
    • Leasing programs for 3rd party marketers for advertising revenue streams.

The AI HUB has features such as a subscription model, with access and usage time deducted from pre-paid amounts, a "guest" mode for hosts that want to provide AI access for their customers, and the ad display mode for either hosting customers or 3rd party marketers.


Marketing Models

The following are some sample marketing models the AI HUB can satisfy:


Unit purchase/no backend service provision

This model allows a hosting customer to purchase a Hub for the suggested price. However, the customer will need to secure the AI providers services under their name and pay for the token charges accrued. A yearly monitoring and updating service will be recommended at a cost of $49/yearly. This will pay for system monitoring and updates, plus new AI vendor inclusions.

Revenue Creation by a hosting customer

    • Free – no charge to host's customers

The host offers the AI access as a service to their customer base. The host pays for the AI Hub and service connectivity as an expense item.

    • Host's costs offset by advertising sales to neighboring businesses.

These ads will be randomly displayed on the logon page. Ten ads at $35/mo for instance, brings in an income of $300+ monthly.

    • Usage charge is paid by host's customers

Users pay host for host's costs plus possible profit (The host sells prepaid time for usage. This time is used up by customer connectivity and usage) 

The usage charge option can be combined with the Ads option if the host chooses. (This model can provide the maximum return on investment)

Lease or Lease/Purchase

This model allows a host customer or a 3rd party marketer/reseller to minimize their up-front costs and reduces support efforts on their part. Pocket Webs will rent/lease a unit with all support and connectivity service charges included. The host customer has these two options available:

      • Option to sell advertising like above, thereby offsetting their lease cost.
      • And/or adding a Usage Charge option to furthers offset cost.

Marketing by local agents

This model includes independent agents or resellers to purchase or lease Hubs from Pocket Webs. They have the option to either provide their own AI accounts or lease from Pocket Webs, and then lease/rent units to their host client and sell the advertising to local and regional businesses. 


It can be seen from these variations that the AI HUB has some powerful and flexible options available. 


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It may be difficult to grasp these operational varieties with simple descriptions. That is why we invite you to schedule an interactive video conference so as to see how everything works. Email us at info@pocketwebs.net to schedule.


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