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Featuring WebPod!


What is WebPod? How can it help people in different environments?


In disaster scenarios with power or communications loss, WebPod can provide preparedness information that can be quickly searched and displayed.



For those providing public services such as health or education in remote areas, WebPod can provide web-based  references to groups via phones or tablets.


WebPod is perfect for those that need access to large amounts of information but are in a remote area with limited to no internet access. Need web resources – take them with you!

For those in service or construction industries, a WebPod provides you with searchable references at your finger-tips. Forget connectivity issues!

How does WebPod work? What does the WebPod interface look like?

WebPod is a small but powerful device that allows you to carry internet resources with you. This includes website references (from complete sites to single files or graphics), videos, and a private messenging service.

Pre-production model WebPod mockup



WebPod is environmentally sealed, waterproof, and rugged – with an internal battery and built-in solar cell for charging.


Simply access WebPod with your phone, tablet, or laptop via a WiFi connection. The interface is the familiar web page.

Don’t let its small size fool you. You can save thousands of website references on a WebPod, and with our ‘Prospector©’ search engine , you can quickly search for and find hundreds of thousands of items from those websites. No sorting through extraneous nonsense to find what you need!

Podmail, a Pocket Webs exclusive, provides email-like messaging outside of the internet email system. It can store, forward, and retrieve from other WebPods within the WebPod ecosystem for completely private conversation.

The WebPod administration page allows for adding and deleting multiple users, making them users or admins, changing the WiFi networks, SSID identity, and WiFi password. It also has Podmail exporting management and WebPod updates and system recovery.

WebPod is our flagship product. It is being migrated from the current prototype stage to production design and manufacturing under funding being raised with Fundable.com. This website (under construction),will be the future sales, support, and messenging portal for the WebPod line of products.

Take a look at our progress at Fundable.com

For other questions please contact us at Info@pocketwebs.net